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I am a Senior Undergraduate major in Computer Science and Technology at the Southern University of Science and Technology, supervised by Prof. Zhuozhao Li. And I am currently a research intern in OrderLab at University of Michigan, advised by Prof. Ryan Huang.

I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science, especially in the field of distributed systems and operating systems.

My research interest are in the broad areas of computer systems, ranging from distributed systems, operating systems, to machine learning systems. My current research focuses on enhancing reliability of distributed systems, in cooperation with Yi from OrderLab.

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I am enthusiastic about sharing ideas about computer science, and improving the quality of my blog.

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Personal interests

Besides academic interests, I enjoy getting endorphins from hiking and Marathons, dopamine from anime and sandbox games, and oxytocin from exchanging ideas with people around by chatting, photographing and painting(though not an expert). Botany and Psychology are also topics I am interested in besides Computer Science.

About This Blog

This site is entirely a product of interest. Various things like experience of enriching my skill stack, course materials, review notes, life experience at university, solutions to interesting questions are posted and updated on a weekly basis here.

If you find anything confusing or not correct in the blog, please leave a comment below the blog. If you found the content helpful, feel free to star the blog repo and follow GuTaoZi@Github.


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